How to configure payment?


Before proceeding to enable auto-reserve on your account. Please make sure that your TGTG account has a attached credit card payment method. You can check this by going to the TGTG app Me -> Settings -> Payment Methods And under "Payment cards" you should see all the attached payment methods. If you don't have any attached credit card payment method. You first need to buy a magic bag through the app - click on the "Save for future reservations" switch. It's important that you have a attached "Credit card" other payments methods such as Apple Pay or Venmo does not work!

  1. Go to the TGTG Notify Dashboard and login to your account

  2. Click on "Configure payment" button

  3. A new modal will appear. Click on the "Select payment method" dropdown menu

  4. Select the credit card payment you want to link

  5. Enter the Security Code (CVC) for the linked payment. NOTE: We do not have access to your actual payment details, only a 16-character payment id which is used to make the reservation on your behalf. Your actual payment details are stored on Adyen

  6. Click on "Save settings"

  7. You're now done! ๐ŸŽ‰

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